I Tried Three Different Styles of Everlane Jeans

Nine months ago, I reviewed my first pair of Everlane Jeans after being intrigued by all the buzz the #damngooddenim release was generating. While I still wear them (often), I’ve ended up purchasing two other pairs to fill very different uses in my wardrobe. While they all boast an extremely affordable price tag of $68, I find the three of them to be pretty unique, so I’ve put together a comparison of them below:

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Vetta's Edgy Capsule Blazer + Sweater Review

If you’ve been following Selflessly Styled for a while, you already know that I’m really enamored with Vetta as a sustainable and ethical brand. From wearing only their 5 piece Minimalist Capsule for 30 days straight to styling their casual pieces on the road, I’ve had the privilege of trying many of their designs and watching the brand grow and grow.

A few weeks ago, they launched their latest capsule: The Edgy Capsule. To be honest, while I was excited (as always) about another Vetta reveal, I was a little unsure A few weeks ago, they launched their latest capsule: The Edgy Capsule.

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Three of my Ethical Blogger Buddies Styled Nisolo's Latest Collection With Me

How many ethical fashion bloggers does it take to review a new shoe collection?

In this case… four!

Back in the spring, I had the honor of sitting beside three of my fellow local ethical bloggers on a panel at the Sustainable Fashion Forum. While I’ve seen each of them on separate occasions, this was the first time all four of us got together since then. Thank you, Nisolo, for giving me another reason to get together with these fabulous and thoughtful women!

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Julia Ahrens: Co-founder of Miakoda

It’s no secret that I’m a major fangirl of sustainable plant-based fashion brand Miakoda. I’ve was first introduced to them nearly two years ago and have partnered with them on numerous occasions since. While I haven’t met Julia in person (yet!), I feel like she’s truly a friend of mine at this point. Her approach to ethical/sustainable fashion is inspiring and her designs are unparalleled when it comes to comfort and quality athleisure apparel. I’m delighted to introduce you to the face and force behind Miakoda today…

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My First Zero Waste Trip

“I am 100% the worst environmentalist on this trip.” I sent that DM to one of my besties after landing in the Philippines as I looked in shame at the plastic ziplock bag that held my toiletries.

To be honest, the idea of a zero waste trip was incredibly intimidating to me. While I am working towards educating myself and taking steps towards sustainability in my everyday life, I’ve always been extremely open about the fact that I got into ethical fashion from the human rights perspective and that the environmental implications have had a much higher learning curve for me.

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What I Wore Each Day in the Philippines

Before I left for the Philippines, I shared exactly what was in my backpack and now I’m sharing exactly what I wore each day! This was not a "fashion blogger” trip and I wasn’t focused on capturing daily outfits as much as I was being present in our experiences. Fortunately, there were some awesome photographers in my group that took more photos than I realized! So here you go!

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7 Things I Learned About Ethical Fashion in the Philippines

I’ve been home from the Philippines for nearly two weeks now. Within that timeframe, my framework for this blog post has shifted at least dozen different times. I’ve started multiple posts with contrasting viewpoints, I’ve lost sleep (ok, that part was mainly jet lag) while typing out rants on my iPhone notes, and I’ve tried to process the best way to articulate my experience not only to you, but also to myself.

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What I'm Packing for 10 Days in the Philippines

As I type this, I am literally just hours away from hopping on my flight to the Philippines for an incredible adventure! (Follow along on my social media if you want!) 

I'll be on the ground for 10 days and am only bringing a large backpack and a purse. Whew. Never thought I'd get to this level of streamlined packing! Stay tuned for the verdict on whether I overpacked, under-packed, or got it just right.

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A Chat With Alison Knox: Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Expert

It's no secret that I truly and deeply believe that a good grasp of personal style is essential for moving towards true "slow fashion" and conscious consumerism. I am beyond elated to introduce you to Alison Knox. Alison is a personal stylist who works in both Portland and San Francisco. I've been lucky enough to become friends with Alison over the last several months and am in awe of the skill she has for helping both men and women discover their true style, and in many cases, their true identity. 

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A Match Made in Sustainable Style Heaven

I'm excited about every brand that is featured on Selflessly Styled, but I won't pretend that I don't have favorites. If you've followed me for any length of time, you likely have picked up on the fact that I really adore both MATTER and Miakoda. These brands exist on quite literally opposite sides of the world (MATTER based in Singapore and Miakoda operating out of New York), and yet, as if by some magical force, they have partnered up to create a small collection together. 

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Ethical Outfit Options for Event Season

Event season is here (hooray!), and if you find your refrigerator growing increasingly covered with invites to fancier affairs like weddings, bridal showers, graduations, etc. it can be the cause of both excitement and perhaps a little anxiety about what to wear. 

If you're striving shop ethically and avoid supporting fast fashion, there can be an added level of stress to this season of celebration.

My hope is that this post will give you some ideas that help you stick to your budget, stay true to your ideals of the types of brands you want to support, and allow you to head into your upcoming events with a spring in your step and an outfit you feel great about! 

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Guest Post: Hannah Theisen Invites You to the Philippines

Hannah Theisen is the founder of A Beautiful Refuge, a fair wage sewing and screenprinting workshop, and the sustainable lifestyle advocate behind lifestylejustice.com. This July, Hannah is hosting a trip to the Philippines, where she is currently based working on a startup project to create a transparent and ethical garment factory. Part sustainable living retreat, part eco-tourism, part ethical fashion school, the trip is designed to bring participants behind the scenes to meet the women who make our clothes, learn from local leaders about the reality of what goes on in a social enterprise, and connect with other ethical living enthusiasts for a heartfelt beach sharing session or two.

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