What a Healthy Relationship with Your Clothes Looks Like

Have you thought about the relationship you have with your clothes? 

It affects you more than you may realize. Whether you consider yourself someone who is "into fashion" or not, you have a relationship with your clothes. You put them on every single day (at least I hope you do!), and they speak on your behalf to those around you before you even open your mouth. 

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Guest Post: What Grandma Taught Me

It’s 6am. My steaming cup of green tea is warming my hands after the quarter mile walk from my husband's childhood home to Grandma’s house. The cup is small, porcelain white with a hand painted peach on the side. It’s an old cup, but you won’t find a stain from use or time. Grandma puts the toast in the toaster, apologizing for not having something home made for us. We tell her toast is just fine, not to worry.

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Jillian: talented teenager with ethical style

You know that I always get excited to introduce you to other ethical fashionistas, but this one is extra fun for me! Jillian is a junior in high school who is deeply interested in ethical fashion and design. It is rare for me to meet someone so young who has such an awareness and beautiful articulation around issues of conscious consumerism. Interviewing Jillian gives me such hope and anticipation for the future of fashion...

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