The “All-Day Jumpsuit” that lives up to its name

A lot of clothes are marketed as being “the perfect piece to take you from day to night,” but not all of them live up to that hype. Whether your life demands a lot of day-to-night action or not, this jumpsuit from Encircled has lived up to the promise of something that can transition from professional to relaxed to glam and keep you comfortable the from sunup to sundown.

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I Wore 11 Items for a Full Month

During November, I challenged myself to only wear eleven items (including shoes) as a way to foster simplicity and contentment in a month that can be prone to becoming a bit chaotic. To be honest, the whole challenge felt rather anticlimactic once it was done. While it was four times longer than the 10x10 challenge, it was distinctly simpler than my challenge last year of wearing only five items for a full month.

What made it so easy this time?

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An Earring Capsule: The Creative Minimalist's Dream

I was introduced to Jewels & Aces over a year ago and was drawn to the thoughtful styling and crafts(wo)manship that founder Grace Wong has brought to life with her jewelry.

In the world of fashion, it’s rare to find a brand that’s doing something completely original and outside the box. Coming up with a new concept that’s instantly timeless sounds nearly impossible, but that’s exactly what Grace has done with Jewels & Aces earring capsules.

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"Being a Social Media Influencer Made Me Start a Factory"

This guest post from Hannah Theisen gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into the backstory of the factory she’s opening in the Philippines. I personally got to visit the building this factory will inhabit, meet the filipino women who are working alongside Hannah, and see the garments in person when I visited the Philipines this year. This brand is doing everything right.

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